• 9/10 ALL STARS

    Manager Aaron Stradling, Coach DL Brewer, and Coach JJ Waite. 2016 Arizona State Champions.


    DMP offers two baseball parks and a multi-purpose field for our young athletes.

  • 11/12 ALL STARS

    Manager Chad Cummard, Coach David Holyoak, and Coach Brian Fike. 2016 District 14 Champions.

  • 10/11 ALL STARS

    Manager Joe Sanders, Coach Ryan Howard, Coach Dave Sobeck. 2016 QCLL All Stars.

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2016 Arizona State Champions!


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As we start to prepare for our upcoming 2017 Queen Creek Little League season, we continue to work to make our league better and a great experience for all of our families. We want to share some changes that will impact how players are assigned to divisions and teams in our league for the upcoming season. As changes are happening, it is important that as a league we are being clear and transparent about how this process is going to work.

The 2017 division structure of our league will be as follows:

  • Tee Ball Division (League Ages 4, 5 and 6) - $95
  • Machine Pitch Division (League Ages 6 and 7) - $115
  • Junior Minor League Division (League Ages 7, 8 and 9) - $145
  • Senior Minor League Division (League Ages 9, 10 and 11) - $145
  • Major Division (League Ages 10, 11 and 12) - $145

Important Dates:

  • November 13th - Registration Begins
  • January 23rd – Parent meeting
  • Before January 28th - Manager/Coach selection.
  • January 30th - Mandatory Manager/Coaches meeting.
  • February 4th – Mandatory tryouts for Majors thru Minors.
  • February 6th – 8th – Draft for Majors thru Minors.
  • Practice begins for Minors thru Majors.
  • March 3rd – Opening Night, games begin for Minors thru Majors.
  • March 10th thru 18th – NO games due to the second week of Spring Break.
  • March 20th – Games continue for all divisions.
  • April 1st – Pictures and Home Run Derby event.
  • April 8th – NO games due to Spring into the QC.
  • April 21st – Dbacks night against the Dodgers.
  • May 6th – ASU night against Stanford.
  • May 8th – Start of the playoffs.
  • May 20th – End of the season.

Boundary - You must live or attend a school within our boundary. NO EXCEPTIONS! (A map of our boundary is attached.)

League Age – A chart is attached that will help you determine the league age of your child, or you can use the calculator on the Little League website found at: http://www.littleleague.org/leagueofficers/determine_league_age/league_age_calculator.htm

Tee Ball and Machine Pitch Division teams are formed by directly assigning players to teams.  This is done through coach requests, friend requests and geographic proximity of the players.

Junior Minor, Senior Minor and Major Division teams are formed through a player draft. This is a method where coaches take turns selecting players until all the teams are formed. A player tryout is conducted to assess current performance levels of the players so that coaches can draft them into a division that is best suited to their current abilities. It is also the way we strive to keep the league balanced and competitive. The term “tryout” is a formal term, as this is more of an evaluative process and all registered players will be drafted to a team.

Player Tryout Process for Junior Minor, Senior Minor and Major Divisions

All players league aged 7 through 12 must complete a spring tryout to be eligible to be drafted into these divisions. The following are the only exceptions to this process:

  • If the player cannot attend a spring tryout, a written excuse must be presented and approved by the league in order for the player to be allowed in the draft and be able to participate in the season. (Mandatory tryouts)
  • If the player is league age 7 and does not want to play in the Junior or Senior Minor Division, then they do not need to attend a tryout. They will automatically be placed in the Machine Pitch Division.
  • If a player has been “protected” on a roster of an existing team they do not need to attend a tryout. Returning coaches can protect up to four players on their roster from the previous season. (Protection form must be submitted prior to tryouts.)

Actual Tryout Process/Logistics

The player tryout will take place on February 4th at Desert Mountain Park. The tryout will start at 8:00 am with the league age 12 players and progress with age until all kids have completed the tryout. Each player will be evaluated through the following activities:

  • At-Bat – 2-3 pitches from a pitching machine
  • Base Running – After their last pitch, the player will run from the batter’s box to 2nd ;base
  • Ground Balls – Each player will field 2 ground balls from the shortstop position and make throws to 1st base
  • Fly Balls – Each player will field 2 fly balls from left field and make throws into Home.
  • 1st Base – Each player will receive 2 throws at the 1st base position from the shortstop

The tentative schedule will be as follows:

  • 8:00 am – 9:00 am – League Age 12 Tryouts
  • 9:00 am – 10:00 am – League Age 11 Tryouts
  • 10:00 am – 11:00 am – League Age 10 Tryouts
  • 11:00 am – 12:00 pm – League Age 9 Tryouts
  • 12:00 pm – 1:00pm – League Age 8 Tryouts
  • 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm – League Age 7 Tryouts

We will firm up tryout times once we have more firm number of the number of players at each league age.

Player Placement to Junior Minor, Senior Minor and Major Divisions

After the player tryout, the draft process will ultimately determine the division the player will be placed in. There are a few situations/exceptions during the draft that will guide players to specific divisions.  They are the following:

  • Players that are league age 12 will be placed in the Major Division.
  • If a player does not attend the tryout, they will be placed into the draft as a “blind draft pick” and forced into the following division based on league age:
    • League Age 12 – Major Division
    • League Age 10/11 – Senior Minor Division
    • League Age 7/8/9 – Junior Minor Division

The only exception will be if the player was in a higher division the previous year (For example: A league age 11 year old that played in the Major Division in the previous season will be placed in the Majors Division as a “blind draft pick”.)

  • If there is a potential safety issue, the board can and will shift players between divisions.
  • Parental Request. There is age overlap in all of the divisions (For example, a 9 year old can play in the Junior Minor or Senior Minor Division, depending on which division the player is drafted to following tryouts). A parent may request that their child be placed specifically in the Junior Minor Division or Senior Minor Division prior to the draft. This will prevent the player from being drafted to a higher division. If you do not want your child playing at the higher division level, a written request must be presented and approved by the league prior to the tryout date for this exception to occur. Also, we would like a parental request to be submitted for any league age 7 year olds that are hoping to play in the Senior Minor Division prior to tryouts.

If you have questions please don't hesitste to email us at info@queencreeklittleleague.org.

From the Ball Fields!

Queen Creek Little League


Use the following image to save on numerous baseball or any sport item you desire! Shopping Day will be May 27th through May 30th.

About QCLL

Queen Creek Little League Baseball is a non-profit youth organization and chartered member of Little League Baseball under the rules and regulations set forth by the Little League Organization of America. QCLL was founded in 2006 due to large growth of our community. We are a proud partner of youth sports with the Town of Queen Creek.

Important Dates

  • Spring registration will start after November 13th, 2016! Please check the website and Facebook page for updated information.
  • Free Player clinic provided by QCLL will be posted soon.
  • Team Manager/Coach selection before January 28th.
  • Mandatory Manager/Coach meeting January 30th at 7PM
  • Tentative Tryouts date, February 4th, 2016 a Saturday.
  • Draft for Majors thru Minors, February 6th thru 8th at 6PM.
  • Opening Night Friday, March 3rd at 5PM.
  • NO GAMES THE SECOND WEEK OF SPRING BREAK, March 10th thru March 18th.
  • Pictures April 1st at Desert Mountain Park. Starting at 8AM.
  • Home Run Derby event April 1st. More information to come.
  • April 21st is DBacks night against the Dodgers.
  • May 6th is ASU night against Stanford. 
  • May 8th will begin our Playoff tournament. Majors and Minors.
  • Spring Season officially ends May 20th.

Employment Opportunity

  • If your a teenager looking for an opportunity to umpire some baseball, here's your chance. If your a parent with a teenager looking for a spring job send an email to info@queencreeklittleleague.org. Place "Youth Umpires" in the subject line. Make sure your teenager is at least 14 years of age and some baseball experience. If you have any questions please email us.
  • Concessions stand: We are always looking for youth willing to work a few hours every night and Saturdays. If you have questions about concessions please place "Concession Employment" in the subject line and email info@queencreeklittleleague.org.
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